FAQ and Troubleshooting the Apple Watch App

FAQ and Troubleshooting the Apple Watch App

In this section, we will answer frequently asked questions about the Apple Watch app and troubleshooting any other watch app issues.


Why can’t I see the Apple Watch App on my watch

In order to make sure that you and your clients have access to the Apple Watch integration, check the following steps:

  • Ensure you and your clients have the latest mobile app version 7.0 and above. The watch app is bundled with the iOS app and will automatically install on the watch. Please note that Wellzone App get updated constantly so please check your app version and Apple and Google Store version.
  • Ensure you have auto-install turn on within your iOS Watch app. You can refer to Apple’s instructions here.

How do I update my Apple Watch to OS 7 for sleep tracking?

You can find Apple’s instructions here to update your Watch OS.


Why don’t I see Wellzone App icon on my watch app?

If you have Wellzone App installed, the watch app icon cannot be changed after install in the same way as the iOS app. Apple only provides the ability to customize the iOS app icon.


Why are my steps, sleep, and other information not syncing from my Apple Watch?

If you’re experiencing issues with syncing, you may have to reset your Apple HealthKit permissions. These permissions allow your Apple Watch information to sync over to the app.

There are two ways to reset HealthKit permissions in iOS 14.

iOS Health App:

  1. Navigate to the iOS Health App
  2. Select your profile icon on the top right side
  3. Select “Apps” under the Privacy section
  4. Select the Wellzone App
  5. Ensure all categories are turned on and showing green

iOS Settings App:

  1. Navigate to the Health section
  2. Select Data Access & Devices
  3. Select the Wellzone App
  4. Ensure all categories are turned on and showing green

Does the Apple Watch app count towards my Activity Rings?

When using the Apple Watch App to record workouts, your information will sync to Apple’s Activity and Health Apps. This information is recorded and broken down into three goals: Move, Exercise and Stand, which make up the Activity Rings on your Apple Watch.

For more information on Apple Watch Activity Rings and how to configure them, follow Apple’s instructions here: